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S-Oh my everyone we are so sorry for the prolonged absence!  Here is the promised review on the book Identical by Ellen Hopkins.  Please be aware this post contains spoilers so make sure you have read the book before reading this or the whole book will be given away. Who would like to start?

M-I will as this book related a lot to me including Raeanne who was so much like me.

A-Are you saying you go out to get drugs and have sex with whoever you want?

M-That’s just mean A.  No I do not do that although I know the importance of playing the field unlike you.

S-okay okay stop guys!  So M you related more to Raeanne?

M-Yes because I can be a bit of a bitch and also I really seem to find guys everywhere who would want to date me if I let them.

A-I related most to kaeleigh she had the most sense out of the both of them and she really didn’t care about sex or drugs.  Also we were all sexually abused when we were really little by a babysitter.  I am truthfully scared of sex and would not even try to be girlfriend/boyfriend with anyone.

M-That’s why all the guys that show interest in us disappear huh?

S-No guys it’s not it’s just that weird guys who are obsessed tend to like us and M you don’t sense it when you give out our number and what not.  Anyway let’s get back to the review with this obviously contradictory book.

M-Sure thing S I’ll talk about Raeanne and you can talk about Kaeleigh A fair?

A-Sounds good since I hated Raeanne.

S-And I’ll sum it all up at the end guys so people understand more what is going on.  So let’s start with A as Kaeleigh is the first one we meet.

A-Okay so Kaeleigh and Raeanne are Identical twins and always looking out for each other.  Kaeleigh is jealous that Raeanne gets along better with their mom who is a big politician who paints a perfect family that she never stays long enough in to know what’s going on.  While Kaeleigh mom is gone Kaeleigh is sexually abused by her father and Raeanne watches unable to do anything and a bit jealous that dad loves Kaeleigh more than her.  Kaeleigh is consecutively with one guy throughout the book and dating him.  She refuses to cheat on him and she is also a very good drama student.  She doesn’t tell anyone about the abuse that happens.

M-Raeanne is kind of bitchy but knows how to play the field to get what she wants.  She dates five different people in the book and almost scores a date with the new hot teacher on campus.  A lot of her dates end in sex where she is given things afterwards like drugs and alcohol.  She experiments with a lot of drugs and is very reckless but tough.  She has a rivalry with someone at school who likes the same guy as her and they bitch back and forth.  Then the rival goes off and tells Kaeleigh boyfriend that Kaeleigh is cheating on him.  Raeanne goes ballistic and plots her revenge through the whole book.  She continuously watches Kaeleigh get sexually abused by their father with jealousy because she feels like their dad favors Kaeleigh.

A-Throughout the book you hear everything that is happening in both of their lives from both of their perspectives.  You start seeing Kaeleigh start traveling down the wrong path and her boyfriend constantly tells her “I don’t know who you are.”  Then Kaeleigh overdoses on a cocktail of drugs and slices her wrists in the bathtub.

M-Raeanne continues getting more out of control throughout the book and sees Kaeleigh try to kill herself.  Raeanne pulls Kaeleigh out of the tub and runs to get help and her dad finds her.

A-Kaeleigh is placed in the hospital and her parents go ballistic because it looks bad on their political record.  Kaeleigh refuses to say anything about the sexual abuse but is scared to go home.  Then her Grandma walks in on a conversation between Kaeleigh and her dad and hears the whole story out of his mouth and takes a Kaeleigh to live with her.

S-What happened to Raeanne is probably what you are wondering and I am here to sum it up for you.  Raeanne died in a car accident 4 years before all this happened.  Then we find out Kaeleigh and a Raeanne were the same person all along and have dissociative a Identity disorder.  Once this is found out Raeanne swears to continue being Kaeleighs protector when she needs her again.  Alright guys ratings?

M-Before I rate I just want people to be aware of one thing.  A and I have differing opinions on things.  We are part of ending who has Dissociative Identity disorder.  We are not thoughts or feelings we are people 3 different people.  S is the logical one and is 19 years old.  I’m the one who tries to form intimate relationships and I’m 17 years old.  A is the one who doesn’t ever want a relationship, sex, or to go through puberty and is 13 years old.

A-Sex is scary, guys are intimidating, and puberty is gross.

S-Well my rating would have to be a 3.5 out of 5.  The ending of this book was so cliche not everyone names their alters after a close family member who died.  I have never met anyone who has dissociative identity disorder with any parts named after close family members who died.  Yes trauma does cause dissociative identity disorder and Kaeleigh had her fair share of sexual trauma which was the only good part of this book.  The parts inside of ending will never do something she wouldn’t do (smoke, steal, etc.). What’s your rating A?

A-Im going to have to go 4 out of 5.  The book did a good job showing how different personalities can be.  It also did well addressing the sexual trauma that Kaeleigh went through (trigger warning on those parts guys).  However like you said S it was so cliche that her other personality just happened to be her dead twin sister who died in the semi truck accident.  Most of us in ending have unique names of people that ending never met before.  We also were formed because of prolonged trauma.  M it’s your own urn to review.

M-Well as Demonstrated earlier in this post A , S, and I have different opinions, different skills, different reasons we were formed in ending with n the he first place.  This book did a good job showing how different the personalities could be.  However it was too black and white Raeanne was fully too terrible and a Kaeleigh was too perfect.  That being said the book was a good read but again the clicheness of it really got to me as well.  I’m going to be nice and give it a 3 out of 5.  If I was honest it would be more like a 2 because Raeanne was the only character that was about the right bitchy and protective for me.

S-Well guys thanks for readin and I hope this review summarized the book, made you want to read it, or made you not want to touch it with a 40ft pole.

See you later!

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Pokken tournament dx review

Hi  everyone!  It’s time for another teen parts review.  The game we will be reviewing today is Pokken Tournament dx!  So let’s get started with some words of advice from our biggest video gamer A.

A:  First off don’t just stick with one partner Pokémon through the story mode or you will have trouble much later in the game.

S:  What do you mean by that?

A:  This games playability is through the roof.  There are tons of unlockable titles and items.  You also get to allocate what your Pokémon pal is good at.  The thing about the unlockables is a lot of them come from the mission panel in the ferrum league.  The first mission panel you clear in each league is standard stuff but the next ones want you to use certain battle pokemon and support Pokémon and win the match.

M:  So Ending Stigma got Suicune up to level 100 but then all the others were at skill level 1 which made it hard to unlock mission panels correct?

A:  Yes and that’s not all if you play online prepare to have a low win percentage score.  No matter how many attacks we dished out we only won 20 out of 70 battles.  The online gamers are merciless with attacks so using strategy is not gonna get you very far.

S:  Yeah poor Ending no matter how many battles were done online the ranking is only E-3 and that’s with a Pokémon that is used a lot by Ending.

A:  My personal favorite to use is definitely Braxian although it is very much overpowered.  

S:  You are great at controlling Braxian maybe you should battle online with Braxian for ending.

A: I probably will but I will be having a lot of raising Braxian up before I do that.

M:  Let’s talk about the overpowered Shadow Mewtwo for a minute.

A:  Ha Ha even the game knows it’s overpowered and the advisor says so every time you fight the stupid thing.  The game is relentless with that Mewtwo.

S:  The advisor even uses a gamer initial when talking about Shadow Mewtwo OP.

A:  Yeah and it’s so frustrating.  We couldn’t beat it the times it showed up then all the sudden the game throws you into a battle you have to beat.  Not to mention throwing you in a two round battle close to the end of the storyline when all others with shadow Mewtwo were one round.

S:  Ending was so frustrated by that it took ten times to beat the first round then it threw us into another round.  Ending had some choice words for the game.

A:  All in all I am very impressed by the game.  Those who like unlockables like me this game is for you.  We only have 33% of the unlockable titles and we’ve played well over 100 hours.  Even though we are done with the climactic (and annoying) part of the story line we still have a long way to go.  2 more leagues, several more mission panels, and raising all battle Pokémon to level 100.  I give the game a 5 out of five.  If you have a switch pick it up, even if you know nothing about Pokémon.

S:  I am going to give it a 4 out of five.  The graphics are great but that shadow Mewtwo really ruined it for me.  Not only that but online players are so relentless that it’s hard to get a chance to use any special moves or support Pokemon.  And the English voice actor for the advisor was so bad that in 3 minutes we had put it on Japanese to hear a good voice actor and it did not disappoint.

M:  I am not much into video games so I’m going with a 3.5 out of five.  The Pokémon voices are so annoying especially during a burst attack.  And I hate some of the graphics of Pikachu in pain when you burst attack.  The game is so frustrating because of online play being so relentless.  The voice actors were meh anyone could have done better.  The good parts of the game are the beautiful graphics and the avatar customization.  That’s really all I like about the game.

S:  There you go folks the ratings are in.  As you can see the video gamer the girly girl and I the voice of reason for the teens are very mixed.  So it’s a game that may only be meant for certain personalities.  

Thanks for reading I believe next time we have all agreed to review the book identical by Elken Hopkins.  Look forward to it in a week!  


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Yoshi’s Island Review


We are the teens in Ending Stigma and we wanted to write a review on one of our favorite games.  We will not be using our names but we will put a letter by our comments on this blog.

So lets get right into the nitty gritty old school games shall we.  Super Mario 2 Yoshi’s Island for the Super Nintendo.  Our first game that came with our console.  So many memories.

S-Ah the music box theme that started the whole game was an amazing opening to such an amazing video game soundtrack.

A-I remember I would sit and read/watch the story over and over just to hear the music box slow down and then be wound up right when Kamak was yelling at the little shy guys.

S-A do you remember this was the first game you ever beat on the super Nintendo? You put so many hours into it.

A-Yes but I still could not get all the bonus levels figured out I tried so hard to get 100 on each of the 8 stages in the 6 levels, but some were impossible.  Like the glitch in level five where the beanstalk seed fell down a hole and didn’t grow so you could get the red coins.  I also remember struggling so hard on Touch fuzzy get dizzy level 1-7 because I could not figure out where the red coins were.  I may have had to cheat a little bit and look up a walk through for that one.

M-That was when Internet was fairly new in our house as well so we were still learning how to type in web addresses and use the computer.  Haha, man have we evolved since then.

A-Yes the internet was full of rumors and facts back then, remember the ways to get Mew in Pokemon, it’s funny we actually ever tried them.

S-Guys we are reviewing this game right here, Yoshi’s Island, so lets get back on track.  Lets see there have been about 4 versions released of the game right now, so which one is best.

A-Nothing beats the original Super Nintendo version S, the DS versions had too many mechanics and it was so boring having to change the babies around so much.  Even the Gameboy advanced version was not near as good as the Super Nintendo version but I believe that is because of the Nostalgia maybe.

S-Wasn’t the Gameboy advanced version the same thing as the Super Nintendo except it added some multiplayer features?

A-S, hush I am all about the Super Nintendo version.  The bosses were killer original too.

M-My favorite was the last boss of level 6, baby Bowser growing up into big Bowser and the 3D implementations they used in that level on the Super Nintendo at the time were amazing!

A-Yes that one was always my favorite boss.  Of course I always liked Kamak as the villain he was pretty hilarious.  Especially in level 3-8 where if you threw an egg at the right time you could kill the boss before Kamak made it grow.

M-Oh yeah, and then Kamak would come out and say OH MY in huge letters that took up the whole screen.  Such creativity, such a good game.

S-Okay guys enough  nostalgia talk going on here you don’t want to spoil the game for those who have not played it.  So lets go for the rating of the game and some of the levels you played over and over again back then.

A-Okay so I really enjoyed level 1-7 Touch fuzzy get dizzy and I remember purposely landing on the fuzzy’s just because I liked the way the music changed and the screen got all wavy.

M-I think my favorite level would have to be 6-8 It was an epic end to an epic game.  I remember playing it over and over just so I could hit different rooms and see what they had in store.  I also remember trying to hit 4 all the time because it was a room full of coins.

S-I think my favorite level that we still have not been able to beat is the ride poochy bonus level that was unlocked in Level 1 after you achieved 100% on all the levels.

A-Yeah, in the end I think I only managed to get perfect scores up to Lv. 4 and haven’t really revisited the game since.  We need to pull this one out immediately on our super nintendo when we get home.

S-Okay guys rating, rating, and don’t forget we still have a lot of catching up to do on some of the current video games we are playing so Yoshi’s Island may have to wait for a replay until we all get caught up.

A-I rate it a 5 out of 5, if you have not played this yet pick it up immediately at your closest nostalgia old games store.  It is original, unique, and has a good playability value for those of you who are video gamers like me.  You could spend hours on this game and still not be bored.  There are also a lot of little mini games you can unlock with a special code.  I remember having watermelon seed fights with my family members all the time.  The story line is brilliant and its a definite must play for any Mario fans.  As a matter of fact it’s not even like Mario at all, it’s totally a different game with Mario’s sidekicks as the main characters.

M-I rate it a 4.5-5.

A-What huh?

M-Please let me finish A.  So yes the game has playability value, an awesome soundtrack, and amazing graphics for the year it came out in.  It was a very original take on Mario and there are no games that match it anywhere that I’ve ever played.  My 4.5 is simply because if Baby Mario falls of your back you get greeted with the most annoying cries as he floats away in the bubble.  And sometimes enemies would come so fast that you would just get Mario back on your back and then he would fall off again.  All this being said the koopas took Mario from me a lot because of this.  However if you are comparing this to any of the remakes there is none better then this original Super Nintendo Version.  The super Nintendo was an amazing system that had amazing games that came with it.  I am glad we own one of our own with all the good games because it was definitely a system that you will want to keep the rest of your life.

S-Well there you have it folks, the ratings are in.  Go out there and find a way to play this game if you have not already.  (Non illegally of course)

Til next time,

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